About Jesse Knibbs Photography

Jesse Knibbs has been filming and photographing weddings for over ten years around Cumbria, the Lake District and beyond, recently taking on three other members, Thomas, Sam and Ryan. All have years of experience in the film and photographic field, but more importantly share a passion for capturing emotion and creating something inspiring. Together we are always excited to record your wedding day in a unique and captivating way.

Photographs are so intrinsically linked to a wedding and quite rightly so, without them memories fade. Our wedding photos are natural, bold and vivid to keep those memories safe.

Over the years we’ve come to realise that in many respects films are even more important. How much more a video captures; the movement, the sound, a nervous voice, a loving gesture, a happy laugh. The whole day is brought back to life. When filming your wedding we take a cinematic approach, which is far more visually and emotionally engaging than a normal documentary style wedding video. However, we film unobtrusively and very often you won’t even know we’re there. You’ll be left with a masterpiece that you can’t stop watching and sharing with your family and friends.