What a fun loving crazy couple! I have never met two people more up for doing wacky things. It was a great day from the start. In the peaceful village of Rosley there is a tiny little church, more of a chapel. The sun was shining and we had high temperatures all day long. The perfect day for a wedding. Roseberry Floral Design were there at the church when I arrived setting all the flowers and decorating the place fit for a wedding. They did a fantastic job bringing a bit of Mediterranean feel to the day with olive trees welcoming people into church either side of the door. All the lads arrived on time and because of the weather no one wanted to go inside. The church filled up at the last second when there was a whisper the bride was due to arrive. All day long we had fun filming this wedding, not least because we had the amazing grounds of Dalston Hall  as our backdrop. Camilla Lucinda was working alongside me doing photography. We had great fun with the couple shots, as mentioned before this couple were up for anything. From pulling faces behind wedding guests to dancing on wall tops. We could have spent hours with them. Soon enough we were called through to the wedding breakfast though. The day climaxed with an amazing dance routine by Jayne and her dancing crew, literally shaking up the dance floor to start the evening party off. The guys at Dalston Hall had to come in and fix it afterwards! This venue is fantastic for weddings, the place is oozing with character and with the amazing permanent marquee it really sets the tone for such a celebration event. There is a vibe here of excitement and fun.